Our clips consists of two parts: COLOR and LUMA MATTE.
Luma Matte is a black and white information, that allows you to replace black region with another grahics or animation.

In this example we will use Luma Matte, to replace a background in our clip with a blue design.


You need an editing or compositing software to do this - in this tutorial we will use Adobe After Effects.
Click on images below to enlarge program screens.

0. First, you have to import the clip to Project Window and put it on your Timeline, starting from 00:00:00.

1. Then, place a Time Slider EXACTLY in the middle of the animation (on the first frame of black and white part of the clip).

2. Select the clip on Timeline and press CTRL+SHIFT+D to cut it in half.

3. Your clip is now divided in 2 halfs: color (layer 2) and black and white (layer 1)

4. Move black and white half (layer 1) to start at 00:00:00, at the beginning of Timeline.

5. Click on "Toggle Switches/Modes" button to get to the "Mode" and "TrkMat" columns on the Timeline Window.

6. Click on the TrkMat column and change "None" to "Luma Matte ..."

7. Now you can import your own grpahics, and put it in the background (on the bottom of layers stack)

Now you're done! We hope this tutorial was helpful. Good luck!